Nasi zagraniczni uczniowie z wymiany
Już trzeci rok z rzędu mamy w naszej szkole wolnych słuchaczy z 'Rotary'. Uczęszczają na zajęcia ze swoimi polskimi rówieśnikami i uczą się języka polskiego. Oto oni:

Name: Ariel Sepúlveda.
Date of Birth: 12/Jul/1998 (18yo)
Country: Brazil
Interests: Physics, Math, Literature and History.
I want to be: A diplomat.
Why I chose Poland to do an Exchange Year? Because I love the cold weather, the history of Poland and the different culture. Also, the language was a challenge for me.

My name is Delfina Grasso, I'm sixteen years old and I live in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
My date of birth is 20th November 1999.
I decided to do my exchange in Poland, basically because it is a European country, full of history and with a completely different culture, as well as, a really hard language which is a challenge for all of the exchangers here.
I'm interested in establishing relationships with many people from all over the word, whose age is different than mine, as well as, their religion, first language and bacground to be able to see the the word from different points of view.

Name: Gabriela Reinert Wanzuit
Age: 16 years old
From: Brazil
Hobbies: Read, run, do sports, go out, travel, listen to music, watch TV shows
Reason to choose Poland: I was looking for some adventures and challenges and the language inspired me. Besides, the idea of a heavy winter and a lot of history and culture made me realize that Poland could be an incredible choice. Now that I am here, I am sure that I chose the right place!

I'm Fernando Bahena González.
I'm sixteen years old.
México is my home country I live in the state of Oaxaca. 
My date of birth is 16th of June 2000. I was born in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca.
I decided to come to Poland because one of my friends visited Poland and told me a lot of good things about this country, its culture, the people, education and history.
The language is a challenge for me.
My hobbies are sports, reading and meeting my friends.